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Cisangkan Factory

Cisangkan Factory


PT Cisangkan, established in 1975, has successfully pioneered and actively innovated a new product  in the production of pre-cast concretes.

Since then, PT Cisangkan plays a significant role in the  development  industry, not  only  at  the regional level, but also at the national dan international level.

PT  Cisangkan  as   one   of   Indonesia’s   leading independent concrete fabricator companyproviding international services as to give value added to construction Industry in any kind of pre-castconcrete products.

From the four offices that we have now, PT Cisangkan is also able to provide good servicesto a board clients, such as government bodies, architects, developers, and contractors for bothprivate and public sectors.

We sincerely prepare this profile with hope that the description contains in it could answer any questions you have and could provide any information you may need about us and our products.

You will find all explanation and information related to our company and related to the people who dedicated to theirs utmost in providing the knowledge and integrity for ensuring customer satisfaction. Finally, as to enhance our performance in the future, we are cordially suggest invite you to visit our Web Site at .

PT CISANGKAN pioneers in concrete- based manufacturing. Its reputation for quality and manufacturing excellence, have earned PT CISANGKAN a place at the top of housing construction materials market in Indonesia.